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College Sorority Put In Time Out After Co-Eds Participate in Thot'n Scavenger Hunt!

It looks like some college kids took "The Hangover" movies a little to literal recently. Sorority girls were participating in a "scavenger hunt" that included everything from drugs, alcohol and random sex acts to complete a laundry list of "fun" tasks. Needless to say, the behavior, which the school suspects had been going on for years, wasn't condoned by the Lehigh University, located in Pennsylvania.

Here's the details:

"It was in violation of the Bethlehem school's policy, according to the Lehigh Greek Community blog published by the university. The sorority was suspended in December following reports of the hunt and evidence of part of the scavenger list.

'The chapter proceeded to cooperate and turn over additional evidence, including the remainder of the scavenger hunt list and documented examples of members’ completed tasks,' the university said.A disciplinary committee investigating the incident called the scavenger hunt 'reprehensible.'They said there was evidence to suggest the hunt had been going on for years.

'The panel is deeply concerned about the escalated nature of the content of this year’s list and we are unconvinced that this escalation wouldn’t continue,' the committee said.

'This incident was a significant, reprehensible event that the entire chapter was aware of and leadership endorsed.'

By the time the sorority will be allowed to resume at Lehigh University, the students involved in the scavenger hunt will have graduated.

Alpha Chi Omega can appeal.

The national organization conducted an investigation resulting in probation and individual punishments for hazing and other related offenses."

The girls, who presumably, were just trying to have fun were charged with hazing, disrespect, illegal consumption, distribution and possession of alcohol among other offenses. I get that college students are always going to push the envelope when it comes to boundaries with authorities but good grief, let's not do every single thing that could lead you to a lengthy police record, STDs and rehab all in the same night! As a result the sorority won't be allowed back onto campus until the year 2020.


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