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Caught on Video: Man Takes Advantage of Woman Who's Passed Out and No One Stops Him! [WATCH]

Sunday evening a video surfaced of a man kissing, and climbing on top of, a woman who was clearly intoxicated. The incident took place in Las Vegas and is drawing attention to the issue of consensual and nonconsensual sexual acts. The first thing I noticed, other than the countless people who walked by, was the face that the woman was barely engaging. She has the look of someone who has clearly passed their drinking limit and is involuntarily "kissing back". The man involved, he obviously knows what he's doing and finds it funny. I don't!

"The recording, which has been viewed nearly 14,000 times on the video sharing site since it was published, captures the unidentified man heavily kissing the unknown woman as she remains still with her eyes closed.

A nearly empty bottle of what appears to be alcohol is shown next to the woman's head.

The man is seen taking advantage of the woman for some time as numerous bystanders stare and others laugh.

Another individual is shown walking up to the two before dropping the woman's purse beside her then departing.

It's unclear whether the two individuals knew one another or what events led up to the incident."

This behavior, of everyone involved, totally disgusted me. Even if the two did know each other previously, there's no way, in this condition, that this woman could give consent for this. Let alone for it to happen in full view of the public while laying on a dirty sidewalk. Do you think that this could have been consensual with her being this intoxicated? What are your thoughts? Let's chat about this in the comments below.

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