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Horrifying Shootout Caught on Video at Baltimore Convenience Store! [WATCH]

Local police officers in Baltimore found themselves in a battle for life during a call for a robbery in progress. Officers were called to the "7/11" store for a robbery and when they arrived, the two assailants opened fire on them as they were entering the store.

The Baltimore Police Department's Media Relations Chief, T.J. Smith, told WBALTV:

"This is a situation that is absolutely disturbing. . .They didn't hesitate to pull a gun out and pull the trigger on uniformed Baltimore City police officers they knew were going to be confronting them."

Reports say:

"The two robbers were able to flee the scene, but is it not known if they suffered any injuries and police are checking hospitals for recent patients with gunshot wounds.

The same 7-11 was robbed three times last year, and police are urgently appealing for any information regarding the two suspects.

"If you look at this video and the way they handled themselves during this robbery, it certainly isn't their first time at the rodeo,' Mr Smith added. 'These don't look like inexperienced criminals, they look like hardened criminals.'They look like people who wouldn't care if they killed someone last night. Fortunately, they didn't.'"

There is currently a $24,000 reward for any information on the two suspects.

This is a frightening situation! Thank God no one was hurt!


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