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Stepfather in Florida Kills 6-year-old Stepson by Throwing Him Against a Wall.

Jack Junior Montgomery is spending his New Year, and hopefully the rest to follow, in jail. The 31 year-old man is facing first degree murder charges in the death of his stepson, 6-year-old Brice Russell, who was in his care while his mother was working.

WFLA reports:

"At 10:50 a.m. Saturday, Montgomery called 911 to report he found his stepson unresponsive inside their room at the Masters Inn in Seffner.

Upon arrival, the Hillsborough County Fire Rescue found the child laying in a bed. He was pronounced dead at 10:59 a.m.Investigators say the child and his three siblings were in Montgomery’s care while their mom, Donya Shenita Russell, 28, was at work.

His siblings told investigators they woke up to find the 6-year-old in tears. They said they had witnessed Montgomery hit Brice and throw him around the room. They said their stepfather threatened them with violence if they would not join in and punch their brother, and one ended up striking the child out of fear.

Investigators said the children watched Montgomery pick Brice up by the leg and throw him into a shelf along a wall. They saw blood running out of the child’s nose and mouth, and said their brother never woke up after that.Detectives ultimately determined that Montgomery had punched the child in the face, mouth and stomach with a closed fist, threw the victim around the hotel room and shoved his face into the carpet.

Montgomery was arrested on Sunday and charged with first-degree murder. At this time, he’s in the process of being booked at the Orient Road Jail in Hillsborough County."

Let's pray this mother can find some peace after this horrible incident. Ladies, please be careful who you leave your children with.

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