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SAY WHAAAAT?!?! Florida Mother Charged After Children Found in Home Filled with Feces, Dead Animals

There comes a time in everyone's life when they have to be the hero for someone else and in this case, the hero is a woman who called 911 to make an urgent plea. The unidentified woman, who is the girlfriend of one of the children's father, called the emergency hotline to report that the child's mother had the children in unsanitary and unsafe living conditions.

During the call the woman reports that the house is "disgusting", had roaches everywhere, "there's like three dead puppies in the freezer" and that the child has had headline for the last eight months.

Listen to the call below.

When the police arrived they arrested the 35 year old mother and placed her children, ages 14 and 5, with the Department of Children and Families who turned them over to family members. It is unclear if the father of the 5 year-old girl was able to take physical custody of her.

"Deputies said they found heaps of trash inside the home, and were overwhelmed by the odor of urine and feces.When the deputies entered the home, their lower pant legs were covered in fleas.Authorities said that's when the five-year-old girl who was found sitting on a couch crawling with roaches directed the deputies to the dogs in the freezer."

"There was also an infestation of cockroaches, according to the affidavit. The deputy said the insects were swarming fresh feces on the floor and appeared to have no fear of humans."

"According to WKMG, the pests would crawl on Kanger or her daughter and both nonchalantly brushed the bugs off. The girl also seemed unfazed when she stepped in roach-covered animal feces on the floor with her bare feet, authorities said.

"A family friend told the station that the home was in bad shape because Kanger had the flu.'Anybody's who has been sick, knows you can't get up,' the friend said.Kanger is being held on a $2,500 bond and was ordered not to have unsupervised visits with the children."

Police also reported that there were two dogs and "numerous" cats living at the home. The litter box, that was meant for the cats to use, was so full and dirty there was no possible way the cats could have used it. Kanger told police that she froze the puppies because she didn't have a shovel to bury them.

Let's hope these children are doing better now that they're out of this toxic environment.

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