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Azelia Banks Contemplates Suing Remy Ma Over Internet Beef! [PHOTOS]

Looks like Azealia Banks might be getting the last laugh in the beef with Remy Ma. It all started last week when Azealia posted a comment on Instagram throwing shots, shade and insults at Remy Ma over a comment that Remy made during an interview.

After she posted that lengthy rant, Remy Ma decided to clap back with some receipts of her own. Even though she deleted the text conversation from her Instagram account, the citizens of the internet surely believe in screenshots and we're thankful for it! For reference, the grey is Azealia and the blue is Remy.

The text conversation was accompanied by a graphic picture of a woman's vagina with Azealia telling Remy that she was considering having labiaplasty, a surgery that alters the folds of skin surrounding the female vulva, because she wanted to get rid of her "beef curtains". After Remy posted her text receipts showing that Azealia was the one (over) reaching out, she went live on Instagram to drive her point home.

After she said what she said, Remy deleted the entire exchange from all of her social media accounts. Sometimes you just have to be the bigger person in a situation and not fight the flies. I honestly thought that the situation was dead. . . until Azealia poked the sleeping giant with the threats of legal action. Scroll through the images below.

I'm not sure that I think she actually has a legal leg to stand on being as how it wasn't actually a photo of her private parts but, if she wants to waste her hard earned money. . . have at it. Do you think Remy Ma should be worried or is Azealia just blowing smoke and trying to stay in the limelight?

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