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Not So Fast! Family of the Teen in Viral Video Put on Blast For Racism? [PHOTOS]

Over the weekend a young man, now identified as Keaton Jones, went viral after a tear filled video of him talking about being bullied at school and not having any friends. He said they poured milk on him, threw food at him and called him ugly. I must admit, when I first saw it, I cried. No child should have to feel this way or be taunted just because they're different.

Celebrities all over were sending their support to Keaton. Literally everyone from Snoop to Cardi B were defending this child and reaching out to his parents many asking him to "DM" them so that they could personally speak to him and encourage him.

If you didn't catch the video, watch it below.

After the video went viral, folks who wanted to reach out and offer support decided to look for his mother, and that's where the conflict of interests came in!

"Stop reposting videos of that Lil boy and his mother ok. Like legit STOP. And don’t tell me shit about “he’s just a kid” cause kids don’t grow up to be trees, or wolves, they grow up to be ADULTS m’kay! And since when did you need donations because of “bullying”? And why is this alleged page of his mothers calling on solely BLACK entertainers/celebrities. It’s cancelled... Bullying at ANY instance isn’t ok. That flag is a symbol of the victimization and BULLYING of people of color. ✌🏾"

I know we're all against bullying IN ANY FORM but, does this change the way you feel about this particular case after seeing this new information?

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