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Oh No Baby! What Are You Doing? Young Woman with Too Much Money Alters Her Face to Look Like. . . [P

I never thought that a person could have too much money. . . I was wrong! Sahar Tabar, a 22 year old woman from Iran, has shown the world exactly what her money can buy. Tabar is an extreme Angelina Jolie fan who used good coins to transform herself into something in between Jolie and The Crypt Keeper! Take a look.

I was hoping that this was just a Halloween costume when I first saw it and some thought her look was possibly the result of multiple cosmetic surgeries. Check out Tabar in the picture and video below then, note the difference.

This photo was posted on November 17, 2017

This video was posted November 27, 2017

See the difference? Yeah, so do I! Let's hope this poor child didn't actually do this to her face. If you're in the mood to see more pictures, click here to check out her Instagram page. Clearly she has some money to burn!


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