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Chrisette Michele Releases New Music Trying to Get in Our Good Graces but Folks Aren't Having It

I think our girl Chrisette Michele might be trying a bit too hard to win back our love. The songbird released her newest single entitled "Black Lives Matter" and the citizens of the internet decided that they were NOT here for it!

Personally, I think the song is pretty good but the gesture might have come with ulterior motives. This single comes just a few weeks after she decided to air all of her business on social media then go on a radio campaign to clear her name. I get it, you gotta do damage control BUT sometimes you just need to walk away until the dust settles! Take a listen to the new single below.

See, not THAT bad right? Well, the response hasn't been quite so welcoming. Read the tweets and get your life!

Well, I guess the internet has spoken? Do you think she can make a come back after this type of backlash? Let's discuss this in the comments!

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