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OK Girl . . . Brandy Still Insists She's Not Pregnant but Photos Seem to Prove Otherwise. [PHOTO

R & B Singer Brandy's name has been running through the rumor mill and it's not necessarily good new this time. A few months ago her former Moesha co-star Countess Vaughn commented on one of her Instagram photos hinting, loudly, that the singer was expecting. That single comment set the wheel in motion for "Bump Watch" and fans have been keeping a close eye on BranBran ever since!

Well, after this "announcement" Brandy, and her daughter Sy'rai, took to social media to deny the claims.

Brandy even posted a video of her working out, catch that here, that didn't stop anyone from speculating. Now, after months of denial, new photos have surfaced that seem to prove Brandy is either covering up a pregnancy OR fighting some sort of medical issue. Take a look.

I think the photos speak for themselves. I was completely with her for a while just hoping it was bloat and overeating but they don't usually have this effect on your face. In my opinion, we'll probably be congratulating her in a few months. Whatever the cause is, I pray she's healthy. Share your opinions in the comments below!

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