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First They Mock You, Then They Copy You! Taylor Swift Allegedly Copies Beyonce! [PHOTOS]

Country singer, turned Pop artist, Taylor Swift is currently back in the news and probably NOT for the reasons that she'd like. In the wake of her newest album, "Reputation", release the internet is buzzing after the visuals for her single "Look What You Made Me Do". In the still from the video, Taylor can be seen standing in the center of a group of men, all wearing black leotards with bare midriffs, in an opulent mansion. . . Kinda reminiscent of Beyonce's "Formation". . . but that's just me. The funny thing is, to Taylor's right stands Todrick Hall who is best known for his Beyonce' covers and dance moves. To top it all off, the wonderful citizens of the internet have dubbed this single, and therefore the album, Minute Maid! I swear I didn't make this up! Peep the pictures then check out the video teaser!

Some say that copying is the best form of flattery but the folks on Twitter aren't having it! Read these hilarious tweets!

I can't with Twitter! These people are seriously hilarious! I can't wait until the full video drops because I know that it's going to bless the internet with more memes that Andrew Caldwell, the "I'm Delivert" guy, ever will! Do you all think Taylor was copying or just trying to move her brand in a different direction? Let's discuss this in the comments below.

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