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Say Whaaaat?! AirBnB'in While Black Lands Female Filmmaker in the Hospital! [VIDEO]

Sibalhe Nkumbi, a South African filmmaker, was in Amsterdam, staying at an AirBnB, to support a friend who was having an art exhibit. Everything went well with her trip, that she took with several friends, until the day they were supposed to check out and leave the rented residence. Nkumbi stated that they were a few minutes late in checking out when the owners of the property arrived and things got heated. She quotes the male owner as referring to them as “you people” and saying “you are not the queen you think you are… this is not Africa." During the incident which was, in part, caught on video, the owner can be heard saying "OUT! OUT NOW!" shortly before throwing Nkumbi down the flight of stairs and rendering her unconscious.

Nkumbi is visibly rendered unconscious and was taken to the hospital with "internal injuries and bruises". Upon her release from the hospital she sat down for an enlightening interview with The Independent of the UK. None of Nkumbi's actions warranted the owners reaction. In my opinion, if a person is late leaving, you should charge them extra and reserve the right to serve them again. Putting your hands on a woman is foul in the first place but to throw her down a flight of stairs is absolutely disgusting! Watch Sibalhe Nkumbi's interview below and let's talk about this in the comment section!

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