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Letitia Wright and Michael K. Williams to Star in Mandler Film "Surrounded".

Everybody's favorite little sister from Marvel's "Black Panther" Letitia Wright and serious dramatic actor Michael K. Williams have landed themselves a new gig! The pair will star in an upcoming film called "Surrounded" which is due out sometime next year.

"Surrounded" will be directed by famed video music director Anthony Mandler, who's worked on videos like The Weeknd's "Belong to the World" and Rihanna's "Diamonds". Mandler made his crossover from videos to directing films in 2018 with the movie entitled "All Rise" which was a film adaptation of the 2001 book "Monster" by Walter Dean Myers. Check out the "All Rise" promo clip below.

It seems Mandler has an affinity for dark and mysterious film content and "Surrounded" seems to secure this narrative. Here's the synopsis:

"Five years after the Civil War, former Buffalo Soldier Moses “Mo” Washington travels West to lay claim on a gold mine bequeathed by her late slaveowner father. It is a mean, dangerous world for an unaccompanied Black woman and so Mo travels into the deep frontier disguised as a man. After her stagecoach is ambushed, she is tasked with holding a dangerous outlaw captive and must survive the day when the bandit’s gang tries to free him."

"Surrounded" is set to begin production next month. Mandler says “I’ve always loved the Western genre and the opportunity to tell this story from the eyes of a black female during the Wild West is an honor." An honor we pray he does justice.

No matter what the upcoming reviews say, we're going to watch this one!

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