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More Details Emerge in Virtual Class Sexual Assault Case! Accused Says "I don't know why, I

Earlier today we reported that the man accused of sexually assaulting a young girl during her virtual learning session had been arrested.

In the beginning, when the case was fresh, there were very little concrete details available about the case and we were left to speculate. Just as many of us assumed, it was indeed a teacher who reported the crime to the police.

Now, just hours after Cantrell Walls made his first court appearance, the details of the case have been made known.

Via ABC7:

"Police said the girl was seen performing a sexual act on a male in the 200-block of 89th Place at about 1:30 p.m. Thursday through the online remote learning application.

The microphone was muted on the girl's computer but the camera was on as a handful of other students were logged in to the Google Meets session, prosecutors said during Walls' bail hearing.

The teacher was working on a different computer during the pause in class when she heard two other students say, "What is going on? What is happening?" according to prosecutors.

When the teacher opened the screen back into her online class, she saw the 7-year-old girl engaging in a sexual act, prosecutors said.

The teacher yelled for the other students to log off and called the girl's name, telling her to turn off her camera, prosecutors said. The teacher allegedly then saw Walls pick up the laptop and close it, the Sun-Times reported. The teacher reported what she saw to the school's principal, who called the girl's family, Chicago police and authorities from Illinois Department of Children and Family Services, prosecutors said. When the girl's father, principal and the school's chief executive officer went to the home to ask the girl about what happened, she initially said Walls "just hit her," prosecutors said. But when the principal spoke with her away from the family, the girl allegedly described a sexual assault and said it had happened before, prosecutors said."

Cantrell Walls, who is a relative of the girl, was taken into custody by the police and the young girl was taken to Comer Children's Hospital for examination.

During questioning by the authorities Walls admitted to assaulting the girl saying "I don't know why, I'm sorry, I'm sorry." He also admitted to other instances of sexual assault against the girl beginning when she was 6-years-old.

Walls is a senior in high school and has been diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, which impairs his ability to control his impulses, his defense attorney said. "This ongoing history of assault, for approximately a year, according to the victim, leads me to believe this is not something that will just stop because I have ordered it to," Judge Charles Beach said. "This history and his actions from this case lead me to believe that he is a threat to an individual and the community as a whole." Walls is due back in court Nov. 21.

There is no word but, we can hope, that the school has provided counseling services for the children who witnessed this horiffic scene.


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