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"Don't Shoot Me, Whites Don't Kill Whites" Gunman Exclaims After Killing 2 Inside

51-year-old Gregory Bush has been named as the gunman who charged into a Kroger grocery store, just outside of Louisville, KY, and shot innocent shoppers.

WDRB reports:

"Jeffersontown Police Chief Sam Rogers said his department received a report of the shooting just before 3 p.m., for the store at 9080 Taylorsville Road near the intersection with Hurstbourne Parkway.

Rogers said a man walked into the Kroger and fired multiple shots at another man in the store. That man died at the scene.

According to Rogers, the suspect then left the store and shot and killed a woman in the parking lot before an armed citizen pulled out a weapon and exchanged fire with him. Neither the suspect or the citizen were injured in that exchange."

The armed civilian who engaged him, Ed Harrell, said that when he engaged him and asked him what happened, Bush said to him "Don't shoot me. I won't shoot you. Whites don't shoot whites." The two then exchanged gunfire, riddling nearby cars with bullets, before Bush made a getaway. He was later caught.

One victims has been named locally as Maurice Stallard, the father of Kellie Watson, the towns chief racial equity officer, reported the Courier Journal. He was shot and killed while shopping for poster board with his 12-year-old grandson. The child fled the scene and asked a stranger to use their cellphone to call his mother and report the incident. The female victim was shot as shoppers tried to flee the store to get to safety.

The entire community of Louisville is in a state of shock after this unprovoked rampage. Chief Rogers stated that at this time it's unclear if the man who was shot and killed inside the store was targeted but the woman who was shot in the parking lot appeared to be a random victim of his hate.

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