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Watch Who You Love, Who You Trust and What You Put Into Your Body! Tubi's "BOTCH" is Both a Thriller and a Life Lesson.

We've all heard of those cases where someone goes to a seedy hotel room, gets some type of cosmetic work done and things don't end well. While most of us have been on the outside looking in, there have been thousands of women who've experienced the horror of surgery gone bad personally. The film "Botch" takes viewers on a wild ride through childhood trauma, workplace abuse and the need for love that lead one woman to make unthinkable choices.

Here's the film's synopsis:

Amidst the glitzy allure of Sex and Glamour”, a sinister secret brewed as a seemingly benevolent woman offers the promise of perfect curves with her underground booty enhancement shots. Little do her clients know, the pursuit of aesthetic perfection becomes a deadly gamble, as the lethal injections weave a dark tale of beauty, betrayal, and murder”.

Layla, an inspiring plastic surgeon, dreams of sculpting beauty and healing scars in a world that has left her deeply wounded. Haunted by a dark childhood trauma, depression, mental health, and financial mishaps, Layla finds herself teetering on the edge of morality and ethics. Layla meets Russ, who presents her with a dangerous proposition of easy money, power, and manipulative love. Layla falls to temptation and begins performing risky and unauthorized butt enhancement shots across the country. The plot takes a dark turn when several women who received Layla’s injections begin to suffer severe health complications and some meet untimely deaths. Detectives and investigators start closing in on Layla, determined to uncover the truth behind the disturbing pattern of casualties.

We caught up with the film's cast to have a lengthy, and completely open, conversation about their roles, and how those roles impacted them individually. Lead actor, Armeen Acy, said that he'd have to decompress daily with "cartoons" in order to shake off his characters menacing personality. A personality that he completely embodied to a "T". Kelly Kellz, who's known to "light up a room", admitted to suppressing the need to smile during serious scenes. The comedic actress, whose bubbly nature is no where to be seen in the film, had a few words of wisdom for people considering cosmetic surgery too. Saying in part change "starts in your mind".

"Botch" isn't solely about surgery, and the dangers of trying to look good without paying full price. It's a dangerous love story of a woman whose traumatic past has her doing ANYTHING for what she feels is love. It's also a story of fast money, bad decisions and greed. To put it plainly, YOU NEED TO SEE IT!

The film is produced by Big Bizz Media, produced by actor and director AlNuke, and Executive Produced by music producer Zaytoven. You can watch "Botch" for free on Tubi TV here!


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