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Twitter Reactions to Today's Historic Presidential Inauguration!

If there's one thing I love about this country, it's our ability to do the most!

Today, history was made as former Vice-President Joe R. Biden Jr. was sworn in as our 46th President and former senator Kamala D. Harris was sworn in as our FIRST female Vice-President. Not only is our Vice President a woman but she's a woman of color, a graduate of an HBCU (Historically Black College or University) and she's an Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority member! She is the hopes and dreams of every minority ancestor made flesh and we are here for it!

Of course, like we love to do. We went over to Twitter today to see what the good folks on the web were saying about today's historic inauguration and, as usual, they did not disappoint. Check out some of the most notable tweets below.

EVERYBODY was here for First Lady Michelle Obama and her inauguration day drip!

We wandered over to Instagram to grab the closing praise break!

Of course there were thousands more but, in the end, we have to remember that we survived something many of us had never witnessed before. For that, we're grateful.


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