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Teen Made Viral TikTok About Having "Homicidal and Suicidal" Thoughts Before Killing Sister!

A 14-year-old girl from Manheim Township, Pennsylvania was arrested and charged with murder after confessing to killing her older sister. Reports say that Claire Miller also made a viral TikTok video where she spoke of having "homicidal and suicidal" thoughts, while ranting about her father, the day before killing her sister.

Miller murdered her sister then called 9-1-1 crying hysterically to confess.

Authorities said police responded shortly after 1 a.m. Monday ,February 22, to the family home in the 1500 block of Clayton Road.

According to court documents, Miller was outside the home when officers arrived and repeatedly said, “I stabbed my sister.”

Police said they went inside the home and found 19-year-old Helen Miller, who is wheelchair-bound, in a bedroom with a large knife in her neck.

Life-saving measures were attempted but were unsuccessful, police said.

Authorities say that Miller's TikTok account has been suspended for violating Community Guidelines but they are working to piece together a motive as to why Miller stabbed and killed his sister. During the search of the home, police took multiple items from house, including knives, a stuffed toy rabbit, and a whiteboard listing the 14-year-old’s chores.

The need for mental health care in this country is a real thing. We're so sorry that Helen had to die before someone helped her sister. Our prayers to this family who have now lost both of their daughters.


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