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Teen Arrested for Early Morning Mass Murder of His Family. 6 are Dead, Including a Pregnant Woman.

Indianapolis police were called out early yesterday morning on a call of a juvenile who'd been shot. Police arrived at the 3300 block of E. 36th Street around 3:45 a.m. Sunday, where a juvenile was found suffering from a gunshot wound and taken in critical condition to Riley Children’s Hospital. After further questioning police went to a home on Adams Street where they found multiple people shot and killed.

Reports say that the 17-year-old juvenile who is responsible for the "mass murder" is a relative of the family but, due to the teen's age, they would not say how. The minor suspect was arrested yesterday without incident.

"Yesterday, we promised swift justice for this heinous act. Today, we delivered on that promise,” said IMPD Chief Randal Taylor. “While removing the alleged perpetrator of yesterday’s mass murder from our neighborhoods does not bring back the lives senselessly lost, hopefully, it will bring us one step closer to healing as a community. I am grateful to all of the IMPD officers and criminal justice partners who have worked tirelessly for the last 30 plus hours to bring justice for these victims, their friends and families, and our entire community. I ask community members to join me in praying for the continued recovery of the young man whose life has been forever changed.”

The victims have been identified as: 42-year-old Kezzie Childs, 42-year-old Raymond Childs, 18-year-old Elijah Childs, 13-year-old Rita Childs, 19-year-old Kiara Hawkins, and Baby Boy Hawkins, the unborn child of Kiara Hawkins. It's not hard to do the math and guess that, according to the ages, the 17-year-old responsible could possible be a child of the elder adults and a sibling to the others.

There has been no motive released as to why the juvenile killed their family and honestly, there is no justifiable reason to have done something like this. Our prayers are with the victim's families and loved ones.


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