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Missing Toddler, Found Dead, After Neighbors Warned Authorities of Loud Noises Coming From His Home!

A missing Texas toddler was found dead, with apparent head trauma, in a trash can and you won't believe who the suspects are.

Or maybe you will.

Ezekiel Harry, 2, was found in a black duffel bag in a trash can on Dapsit Street hours after he was reported missing.

According to police, the mother, Maya Jones, 28, and her live-in boyfriend, Jermaine Robinson, 37, are in custody and both are facing charges of first-degree murder in connection with the death of Harry.

Houma police, Jones reported to police that Ezekiel Harry was abducted by someone driving a gray truck near the 100 block of Mahler Street.

Terrebonne Parish District Attorney Joseph Waitz Jr said that Harry had been the subject of abuse before.

“We are aware of abusive patterns in the past involving this young child,” he said. “Some of the stuff that early on investigations show, just shocks the conscious, that this type of abuse would go on.”

Waitz said that prosecutors were considering seeking the death penalty in the case but would consider “the wants and the desires of the family” in making that decision.

Neighbors posted on social media that they had warned the police about alleged abuse going on in the victim’s home; the Houma Police Department is now being criticized for an alleged lack of action to save the child.

"Hard to believe no one was able to do something before things led to this, Really unacceptable. This needs to be extremely investigated. On all parts," said Rick Hebert, posting on the Houma Today Facebook page.

Sean Ellis, a spokesman for the Louisiana Department of Children and Family Services, was contacted to verify whether any complaints concerning the address had been received by his agency.

“DCFS cannot comment on, or even acknowledge the existence of, a potential investigation of abuse or neglect involving a child,” Ellis said. “If there is an investigation, state laws make the entire process, from report to investigation to outcome, confidential.”

Someone definitely dropped the ball here. Neighbors have gone on record saying that they called local authorities multiple times about loud noises, arguments and screams coming from the family's home.

There should have been more done to help this little boy.


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