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Man Arrested for Stomping on an Elderly Asian Woman was on Parole for Killing His Own Mother!

In a, now viral, video the world got to see the hate crimes that Asian Americans have been suffering up close. On Monday, March 29, a 65-year-old Asian woman was casually walking down the street when she was attacked by an unknown man. The attack happened, unprovoked, outside a luxury New York City apartment building as staff members appeared to watch without coming to her aid, according to surveillance video of the incident. When it was over the attacker was gone and the woman lay bloodied on the sidewalk.

The man was seen on security cameras outside of the property had his picture plastered all over the internet with pleas for anyone with any information on his identity to come forward. That man, was arrested earlier this morning.

According to NBC News, New York City police identified the suspect as Brandon Elliot, 38, who was charged with two counts of assault as a hate crime and one count each of attempted assault as a hate crime, assault and attempted assault.

He was already on lifetime parole for fatally stabbing his mother in 2002, authorities said. He was freed from prison in November 2019, according to police. No other details about the murder of Elliot's mother have been released.

This newest crime has brought the silent suffering of Asian Americans that has been growing in recent years. Early Tuesday, the Brodsky Organization, the company that manages the luxury apartments, said in a statement posted on Instagram that it "condemns all forms of violence, racism, xenophobia, and violence against the Asian American community."

The company said that "the staff who witnessed the attack have been suspended pending an investigation in conjunction with their union" and that it was working to identify a "third-party vendor present during the incident so that appropriate action can be taken."

Officials decried the attack, which City Council Speaker Corey Johnson described on Twitter as "absolutely vile." "These attacks against Asian-American New Yorkers must end," he tweeted. "Hate has no place here and we must always call it out when we see it."

City Comptroller Scott Stringer, a mayoral candidate, said the attack was "absolutely disgusting."

"Asian Americans belong in New York and are an integral part of our city," Stringer tweeted. "We have to continue to speak out, we have to continue to protect our AAPI neighbors, and we have to act immediately to #StopAsianHate."

For decades on end Asian Americans in this country have had a similar hate thrust upon them as African or Muslim Americans have and it's sickening. The outcry is growing louder and it's about time ALL hate crimes stop!


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