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Jelani Day's Mother, Carmen Bolden Day, Sets the Record Straight on "Missing Organs".

The disturbing details surrounding the death of Jelani Day have been gruesome enough. To add insult to injury, Day's mother, now has to set the record straight concerning a misinterpreted autopsy statement. As we reported earlier, Day's body was found weeks after he went missing and went unidentified for more than three weeks. It was first reported that his body was missing his organs and that his lower jaw had been sawed off. Day's mother refutes some of those claims.

Carmen Bolden Day, Jelani's mother released a statement and it reads in part:

“Some things need and have to be clarified. No organs were missing. I do not want to stray off from the facts. There were contradicting facts from the first preliminary autopsy compared to the second independent autopsy, but this is not a case of organ harvesting, however, my son did not put himself in a river. My son was murdered and my goal and purpose are to find out what happened and hold those responsible accountable!!!”

There is a GoFundMe campaign right now being used to raise money for reward leading to the solving of his case. If you would like to donate, click here.

We are closely monitoring this case and will report more on it as details become available.


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