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Florida Couple Arrested for Taping Themselves Sexually Assaulting Toddler. Proof Found by His Wife!

It's been said that women possess superior intuition which some might see as psychic and sometimes frightening. Almost every woman alive has felt a sense "something" telling her that something isn't right, that they need to leave a place or not trust someone. Whether we heed that gut feeling or not, it's happened and some of us wish we'd paid better attention.

One Deltona, Florida woman trusted her intuition and what she found was horrendous!

According to CBS 12 News, an unidentified woman who suspected her husband of cheating, looked through his phone and found evidence of cheating and so much more. She found hundreds of messages between her husband and his girlfriend and some of them were about them sexually abusing a small child TOGETHER!

Jason Zeak, 35, and his girlfriend, Andrea Shearin, 31, had been having an affair and keeping record of their rendezvous through text messages. Some of those messages went into details of the pair sexually abusing a 2-year-old child that was in their care at the time.

Detectives said the messages included "detailed references to the sexual abuse" and plans for future abuse.

Investigators do not have a specific date as to when the sex act took place, but it's believed to have taken place in October 2022.

The sheriff's office arrested both on charges of lewd and lascivious molestation, lewd or lascivious exhibition, and child abuse on Wednesday night. Shearin posted a $152,000 bond to be released from jail on Thursday night.

We hope his wife files for divorce ASAP!


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