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Christian Comedian Kevin Fredericks Launches His Own Streaming App "KevOnStage Studios"!

Chances are you've come across one of Kevin "KevOnStage" Fredericks' videos at one time or another in your life. If you haven't, you've definitely seen some of his content on "All Def Digital".

Fredericks is responsible for tons of viral content and it all started with a dream. Fredericks had a great job working at Boeing when he decided to leave it all, pack up his wife and two sons and move to California to pursue his dream as a comedian and producer. Most people would have thought he was crazy but, when your calling calls. . . you better answer!

Once there Fredericks was able to get his oldest son a lead role in a reboot of "The Little Rascals" while he focused on breaking into the comedy scene. While working on his own endeavors, He began writing and filming his own independent films. In 2015 Fredericks released "The Family Exchange" starring his oldest son Isaiah "Zay Zay" Fredericks and he released it on his own website. Not only did he release the film on his own but, he allowed viewers to "name their price" when purchasing it. I knew this was a one of a kind venture and, that year, I bought "The Family Exchange" for all of my friends as Christmas gifts. Knowing I was purchasing an adorable film, made by someone who was following his dream, was money well spent.

Fredericks, who goes professionally by the moniker KevOnStage, began touring as a comedian all across the country. Eventually Fredericks secured a position with Russell Simmons' "All Def Digital" that produces web content that features high quality comedy skits and original shows. Most would have thought that Fredericks would have been fine having a seat at the table but, ever the dreamer, he decided to create a table of his own.

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit in 2020, most touring artists found that their well of finances had all but dried up. Not KevOnStage! He developed the "Keep Your Distance" comedy tour that took the comedy show to the next level. The tour was completely digital! Fredericks "created the largest virtual comedy club experience." He "developed the show as a way for comedians to stay fresh and sharpen their craft with a small, socially distanced, live crowd. At the same time he also provided entertainment for the masses via a live stream and an on-demand link that is available for 24 hours and can be accessed safely and comfortably from a person's home."

Just when everyone thought he was done, he took his dream one step farther and created "KevOnStage Studios"! This app is definitely one to rival the larger video streaming services. The KevOnStage Studios app can be viewed from all of your streaming devices and smart TVs. It has tons of original content that was produced by Fredericks and his close friends. Literally if "I put my friends on" was a person, it would be Kevin "KevOnStage" Fredericks! KevOnStage Studios has comedy specials from the voiceover king Tony Baker, comedian Tahir Moore and comedian Dustin Nickerson just to name a few. KevOnStage Studios is literally the Black independent Netflix for comedy!

Fredericks launched KevOnStage Studios offering a free 7-day trial for potential members and promising that the content available now, is nothing compared to what's to come. Fredericks, along with his wife Melissa (known on social media as MrsKevOnStage), recently bought their own soundstage for KevOnStage Studios that is going to be the venue where they record most of their content. It's not Tyler Perry Studios YET but we love the drive that the entire family possesses. Everyone is in on the content creating, even their younger, more serious, son Josiah who believes that he's going to skip traditional higher education and go straight into the entertainment industry. His father has definitely set him up for greatness!

Speaking of greatness, how great is it that one man with a dream is literally changing the way independent content creators get seen! Fredericks is a true example for driven people who aren't merely satisfied with a seat at the table but, building your own.

Like over ten thousand others, I've signed up for a full year membership with KevOnStage Studios and I'm already loving the content. 2020 has NOT been kind to me, in my personal life, but this streaming service really gave me a reason to smile today. It's also pretty cool to have good "clean" content that you can watch with the entire family.

It's important that we support one another like never before. This man had a dream, believed in himself and the God that he served then, stepped out on faith to achieve it. If you'd like to test out the KevOnStage Studio waters, you can click here to find the version that best suits your needs.

Congratulations to Kevin "KevOnStage" Fredericks and the Fredericks family for being shining examples of black excellence and perseverance! .


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