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Woman Who Died in Detroit Jail Said to Have Suffered Alcohol Withdrawal.

The Detroit community now has some answers to their questions on how one of their own died while behind bars.

Priscilla Slater, 38, of Detroit died in the Harper Woods jail on June 10, a day after she was arrested on a drug charge. Of course the community erupted with protests with many from the community filling the streets and standing in front of the jail demanding answers to her cause of death.

It was originally suspected in the Wayne County Medical Examiner's report that Slater had died from natural causes and not some type of trauma like the public suspected. The Medical Examiner's report reached no certain conclusion about the cause of Slater's death. In the absence of pathological findings, the report speculated that an irregular heartbeat caused by abnormally angled coronary arteries could have resulted in Slater's sudden death. The heart theories were soon debunked.

According to Fox2 Michigan State police investigated Slater’s death and gave a report to the Wayne County prosecutor. A report from the county medical examiner suggested the death was related to her heart. Video of the jail cell appears to show her having a seizure.

Because of the condition of Slater’s liver, she most likely “died from alcohol withdrawal,” Dragovic said. “If she was not monitored in the cell, that is a big problem.”

Although this does give the public some answers, this is definitely not the end. Detroit Prosecutor Kym Worthy says that she'll now be seeking the opinions of additional experts on this case.

We pray that Slater's family gets all of the answers they need to put their minds at ease. In this day and age, it's hard to trust the word of authority figures when they are, sometimes, the culprit.


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