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Mother of 5 Shot and Killed INSIDE an Iowa Chuck E. Cheese!

A disagreement inside of a Davenport, Iowa Chuck E. Cheese restaurant has left five children without their mother. Davenport Police were called to the popular children's restaurant after witnesses say one woman shot at a patron. When they arrived they found one woman dead at the scene.

Eloise Chairs, 29, of Davenport was the mother of five young children, her youngest, according to her family, is just four-weeks-old. Davenport police arrested Treshonda M. Pollion, 24, also of Davenport. Police say Pollion was being held in the Rock Island County Jail without bail.

Court records show she waived extradition and was booked into the Scott County Jail just after 3 p.m.

Pollion was charged with first-degree murder and she's being held on $1 million bond.

We're hoping and praying that all of this wasn't over something stupid like a cheating partner!

Chairs family described her as family oriented and "the kind of person who always wanted to help others even if she needed help herself."

This was truly senseless!

Our prayers are with Chairs' children, family and everyone who loved her. Hopefully there will be help available for any children who may have witnessed this horiffic murder.


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