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Married Chicago Man Charged with Killing His Pregnant Ex-Girlfriend and Their Unborn Baby.

The murder of a pregnant Chicago woman, that was caught on surveillance footage, has taken an all too familiar turn. The culprit was the father of her unborn baby.

On October 13 Stacey Jones, a 35-year-old Cook County probation officer, was found unresponsive on the porch of her home. Surveillance footage from the area shows that Jones had gone out onto her porch just after midnight to investigate a disturbance outside. When she came out onto her porch, she was gunned down by an unknown man. A man her friends and family believe to be the father of her unborn baby. According to then, Jones said that the child's father threatened her saying "she wouldn't make it to the end of her pregnancy."

Jones was taken to an area hospital where she passed away but medical staff delivered her baby prematurely in an attempt to save his life. the baby, an little, boy died just four days later.

Police allege Corey Deering, the father of Jones' baby, is the one who murdered Jones and her son.

According to reports, Deering, 39, had been threatening Jones for months. "Deering was dropped off at the crime scene by another woman, who police said is also pregnant with his baby.

Detectives said the woman did not know Deering was planning to kill Jones but heard the gunshots that night.

He met Jones and the woman who dropped him off at the murder while coaching their sons in football and wrestling."

Community activist Andrew Holmes said Deering, who was well known the city's Southside, contacted him about coming forward. "His decision was to turn himself in," Holmes said. "You could see in his face that he was hurting." "Now that they found him, now I can be a father and just cry for her," said Jones' father Tommy Baker. "I am glad CPD did their job." Baker said the young mother was looking forward to having another son. "Now I can just forget about the anger and think about my daughter, about our daughter," Baker added."

Deering, who is married to another woman, has been charged with the murder for killing Jones and her baby. He's being held without bond.


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