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Well-Known North Carolina Pastor Allegedly Urinated on a Woman During a Flight!

Almost all of us have fallen asleep on a plane. Especially an early morning or very late flight. Some of us have dream until we awake when the flight lands but one woman woke up to a nightmare!

Alicia Beverly was on a "red-eye" flight returning fromLas Vegas. Beverly had been on a "girls trip" with her sister and was looking forward to a peaceful rest on her flight and a safe landing. Beverly says that everyone on the flight was asleep when she says she woke up to a warm feeling on her body. Beverly looked toward the warmth and was stunned when she saw a man's penis!

She screamed and got the attention of everyone on the plane, including an off-duty officer who rushed over and restrained the man, a well-known pastor from North Carolina.

According to sources, the pastor had an apparent reaction to a sleep aid that caused him to believe that he, while still half asleep, was actually in a restroom. Beverly says that the pastor never said a word to her during or after the incident. He just stared.

Beverly had to finish the flight wearing soiled clothes and is still obviously shaken by the incident. The pastor was taken into custody by the FBI because they handle crimes that have been committed in the air. His representatives have not released a statement and, at this moment, his identity is being withheld.

The FBI released a statement saying that he "was issued a court appearance for a misdemeanor assault and released"."Until he appears in front of a judge (and therefore gets formally charged), we will not be releasing his name or any additional information about the incident."

I guess we'll all be waiting until then to see which one of God's shepherds peed on one of His sheep.


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