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Killer Who Ripped Unborn Baby from Mother's Womb was Her "Friend"!

Just yesterday we reported on the murder of 22-year-old Reagan Hancock who was found dead in her Texas home. Hancock, who was between 7 1/2 and 8 months pregnant, was savagely cut open and had her unborn baby forcibly removed from her womb.

The child and the suspected killer were later found in a hospital several miles away. The woman responsible for cutting the child out of Hancock's body was claiming the baby as her own and had taken the newborn to the hospital for care. The newborn baby died a short time later.

We knew yesterday, although our suspicions weren't confirmed right away, that something was amiss here. The entire story seemed to be straight out of a Lifetime movie. Every bone in our body said that this was a set up and, as it turns out, it was.

The woman responsible for murdering Reagan Hancock and the death of her baby, was her own friend.

Reports say that Taylor Parker, 27, was stopped on the highway by a Texas trooper. She told the officer that she'd just given birth to the baby on the side of the road and that the child was in respiratory failure. The officer called for an ambulance to transport the "mother" and baby to McCurtain Memorial Hospital just a few miles away.

Taylor Parker, who also goes by Taylor Morton, is a mother had posted on Facebook about being pregnant and has been accused by some online of faking her pregnancy before Hancock’s murder, according to a number of Facebook posts. Even faking, what some believe to be, a maternity photo shoot.

This morning, Parker was taken before a judge in McCurtain County District Court where she waived extradition to Texas on two counts of murder and one count of kidnapping, police said. Right now, Parker is being held in the Idabel City jail in Oklahoma awaiting transport back to Texas.

Reagan Hancock was a daughter, wife, the mother of a 2-year-old girl and had named this baby, also a girl, Braxlynn. There are no words to explain how horrible way for anyone to die but, knowing that the killer was her friend makes it even worse.


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