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3-Year-Old Shot Dead and His Pregnant Mother is Injured in a Domestic Violence Dispute.

The family of a 3-year-old Texas boy are grieving today after he was fatally shot by his mother's boyfriend.

Police say that the boy's mother was seeking refuge from her boyfriend at the little boy's father's house because she thought she'd be safe there. Unfortunately, trouble followed her to he ex's doorstep.

KHOU reports Investigators said Ariel Lujan, 29, broke into the home on Almeda-Genoa with an assault rifle and shot Elijah Valencia-Garcia and his pregnant mother. She survived. Lujan was then shot and killed by Houston police after officers said he pointed his gun at them.

"I did not know this man," Edwin Garcia, Elijah's uncle, said.

Lujan doesn’t have a criminal history in Harris County and the family said there were no warning signs.“

They were just watching a movie like a normal person, you know? And that’s when everything happened," Edwin Garcia said.

Elijah's mother, who hasn't been identified, was shot in her leg and hand and is expected to have a full recovery. Elijah is described as being a "loving and energetic" little boy who was "always smiling". Elijah's family has not turned their attention to grieving and burying their beloved child. If you'd like to help with his burial expenses you can do so by clicking here.

Ladies, please, if you suspect your partner may become violent, seek help from the police. In this case, the shooter didn't care that she was in the company and home of other people. If they are threatening you, get them locked up while you get away.

No child deserves to die like this.

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