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Yet Another Pregnant Woman Dies After Mistakenly Being Shot by the Baby's Father.

Just after 8:30pm on this past Saturday in Opelousas, LA police were called to the local hospital because a pregnant woman had been shot. They were told that the young woman came to the hospital in a private vehicle and died shortly after arrival. She was identified as 31-year-old Tyana Thomas and was 5-months-pregnant.

According to Opelousas Police Chief Martin McLendon the investigation turned toward Thomas' boyfriend and father of her unborn baby. Reports say that the child's father, 24-year-old Maleke Guillory, told them that he and Thomas were struggling over the gun when it accidentally discharged. Guillory says that Thomas went to their shared bedroom to retrieve the gun when a woman showed up at their home demanding to speak to him. Guillory says that he was trying to stop Thomas from charging the woman with the gun when it went off, shooting her in the shoulder and striking two major organs.

An early investigation also revealed that officers investigating the crime scene found a person at the home who had been paid and was allegedly attempting to clear all evidence that a crime had occurred, McLendon said.

“We stopped that person immediately,” McLendon said.

The shooting was also witnessed by a 9-year-old who was in the home at the time. There is no word yet on who the child was related too. Officials believe that this all stemmed from the "other woman" showing up at their home causing the argument and struggle between Thomas and Guillory.

Guillory has been charged with two-counts negligent homicide.

Ladies, please, protect yourself and your children from these types of situations. If it doesn't sit right with your spirit, the vibes are off, or you just feel uneasy, LEAVE.


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