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Toni Braxton Releases New Music "Gotta Move On" Featuring H.E.R. [LISTEN]

If you've been a fan of Toni Braxton's music, like most of us, you've been waiting for her to drop a new album. Just a few months ago Braxton released a "cut it off" anthem called "Do It" and then remixed the "let him go sis" track with Missy Elliot. Now, Braxton is back with another "relationship ending" cut called "Gotta Move On".

Take a listen.

Listen, that guitar solo was EVERYTHING!

Are you wondering if this new body of work is coming from Ms. Braxton's personal life? Let's not forget the singer had an on and off engagement with Bryan "Birdman" Williams of Cash Money Records. Toni was first seen wearing an engagement ring at the Soul Train Awards back in November of 2017. The ring was still there during the premiere of her Lifetime movie "Faith Under Fire" in January of 2018.

The engagement rumors were confirmed by Toni's baby sister, Tamar Braxton, in an Instagram post, that has since been deleted, saying “Come through Mrs. Braxton-Williams.”

The couple quietly called it quits at the end of 2018. Allegedly they're no longer linked but that's up for debate. Braxton has been very private about her love life, even before Birdman, and for all we know, they could just be postponing the wedding and still in love.

This was a couple not many of us would have matched but, we believe love is often found when you step outside of what, some would consider, your "type".

What are your thoughts on Toni's new song? Do you think it's cathartic break up music or just a product of good writing? Share your thoughts below.

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