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Beyonce' Blesses the Brown Skinned Girls with Video from "Black is King". [WATCH]

If you haven't seen the epic visual album "Black is King" on Disney+, you've been missing out! Beyonce', once again, has put together an excellent visual presentation of the songs featured on her 2019 project "The Gift". The Grammy award winning singer produced an experience that not only presents Black people as symbols of excellence but, has brought some to tears.

Yes sweetheart, we feel you. It was just that beautiful! After seeing this little girl's reaction to "Black is King", Beyonce actually called her up to inspire her even more. That's dope!

If you didn't see "Black is King" then you haven't been able to watch the "Brown Skin Girl" video with cameos by Blue Ivy, Kelly Rowland, Naomi Campbell and Lupita N'yong'o. Please get into this beautiful masterpiece below!

This makes us want to watch "Black is King" all over again (for the 50th time) like we've never seen it!

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