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Body Found Wrapped in Plastic on a McDonald's Roof!

What is going on with New York today?! Early this morning, a call went out for emergency assistance after a man was found on a McDonald's roof.

Just before 6am police officers received the call about an unconscious man on a roof. They showed up to the McDonald's located at East 149 Street in the Melrose section of the Bronx.

When they arrived they found the unidentified man unconscious and unresponsive, wrapped within a plastic bag.

At this time there has been no word on whether or not foul play is suspected or, if this was just someone who was transient and seeking shelter.

A resident who lives near the area said that they smelled a foul odor some time ago but thought that it may have been a dead animal. The medical examiner's office is trying to ascertain the cause of death.


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