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UPDATE: Body Positively Identified as Missing Actress Naya Rivera .

The search for missing actress Naya Rivera has come to a presumed end. Rivera went missing on last Wednesday after renting a boat with her young son. Rivera's 4-year-old son, Josey, was found asleep on the pontoon alone three hours after he was last seen boarding the craft with his mother.

The young boy told authorities that he and his mother had gone swimming and that she "jumped into the water" and didn't come back. At the time he was found he was wearing his life vest but the adult sized vest, presumably rented for his mother, was onboard.

Rivera's parents joined in the search for their daughter over the weekend. Her father, visibly shaken, was seen swimming in the lake in hopes to find his daughter. Her ex-husband and father of her son, Ryan Dorsey, was seen sitting on the shore weeping.

The body, which has not been identified, was discovered Monday morning at Lake Piru. A news conference is scheduled for later today.


After six days of searching, California police have confirmed that the boy recovered from Lake Piru was that of missing actress Naya Rivera. Her family, friends and several co-stars of the series "Glee", for which Rivera is most known, gathered on the shore to pray just before she was found.

Please keep her family in your prayers.

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