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Teen Accused of Killing Her Sexual Abuser Released After Two Years in Prison.

After two years in prison, Chrystul Kizer is finally free. . . for the moment.

Kizer, 19, had been in jail since she shot and killed Randall Volar, 34, in Kenosha, Wis., on June 5, 2018 when she was only 17.

Volar, who had a known history of sexual deviancy, met Kizer when she was 16 and had multiple sexual encounters with her.

On the night of the killing, Ms. Kizer traveled to Mr. Volar’s home in an Uber that he paid for, and spent several hours there before shooting him. She then set a fire in the home and left in his vehicle.

At the time of his death, Mr. Volar had been under police investigation for possession of child pornography and sex trafficking.

There has been a public outcry calling for Kizer's released for the entire length of her stay in jail.

An organization called the Chicago Community Bond Fund posted Kizer’s $40,000 bond Monday.

Sharlyn Grace, executive director of the Chicago Community Bond Fund, said Kizer was released Monday afternoon. “Chrystul is looking forward to being with her family,” she said.

Kizer left jail on Monday with bags full of letters sent to her by people who offered their support. Although Ms. Kizer still faces charges of arson and premeditated homicide, which could carry a sentence of life in prison, her supporters are calling for the charges to be dropped altogether.


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