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Views from the Backseat: A Single Woman's Point of View.

Being single these days has not been the cup of tea it used to be.

From “Is this your man Sis?” to “Is this your man bruh?” I find myself settling for the BOB (battery operated Boo) to avoid the drama and disappointment.

Too many games, too many lies, and too many reasons why “I really don’t like you.”

Plenty of Fish, Black People Meet, and Tinder advertisements place an unrealistic expectation of meeting “The One” and having that funny conversation with your friends ... that’s not gonna happen.

That happily ever after blind date setup that’s gonna sweep you off your feet. Yeah, ok.

“The Notebook,” “The Photograph,” hell, even “Queen & Slim.” They give off the idea that love comes unknowingly and makes us want it more.

But, those of us who struggle with it know that it’s a gift that doesn’t come that easy or that often.

I’m often asked, “What kind of man do you like?”

“How much does he have to make?”

“What qualities are you looking for?”

Only to be followed by, “Damn you picky!”

“Why can’t you help him grow?”

“If you want all that, what do you bring to the table?”

When the truth is ... I am the table. A woman who can make it on her own is a woman who can be your partner, not your dependent.

About the Author:

Tanisha N. Bowman is an accomplished author who has served her country in the United States Army. She currently works with the VA Healthcare System and is the mother of an empowered daughter who serves in the armed forces.

Her motto is, “I’ve worked FOR people and I’ve had people work FOR me. What I’ve realized is that I’d rather work WITH you as a team as we accomplish more together.”

To learn more about Ms. Bowman, click here. Her books are available on Amazon.

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