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Mother's Boyfriend Kills Baby Boy and She Smokes Weed Before Calling for Help.

We're really getting tired of mothers not protecting their children. 8-month-old Josiah Guyton was killed March 4th by his mother's boyfriend. The child's mother, Jada Guyton, says that she went to the store around 7pm and was only gone a short time. She left her boyfriend to care for her two small children and when she returned, her youngest wasn't himself.

Reports say that Jermaine Abron "gave a full confession and admitted to grabbing Josiah out of his crib by his leg and forcibly hitting Josiah against objects in the room such as a table and dresser,” a Children’s Protective Services worker wrote in a document filed in the Family Division of Kent County Circuit Court."

“When Ms. Guyton arrived home from the store at approximately 8:00 p.m., she noted that Mr. Abron was coming out of the bedroom where Josiah was sleeping,” a CPS caseworker wrote in the petition to terminate parental rights.

Guyton told police she found Josiah lying on his stomach making a “gasping noise” as if he’d been crying.

“Ms. Guyton inquired about the noise Josiah was making,” the petition reads. “Mr. Abron admitted to Ms. Guyton that he had dropped Josiah and Josiah had been crying. Ms. Guyton did not remove Josiah from the crib to check on him or assess why he was making gasping noises. Ms. Guyton left Josiah lying face down gasping and went into another room of the home to smoke marijuana with Mr. Abron.”

Abron and Guyton told authorities that they were solely responsible for Josiah's care during the time he lay in peril. A case worker from Child Protective Services investigated the case and said “There was no sober caretaker present in the home to care for Josiah. . .After smoking marijuana with Ms. Guyton, Mr. Abron left the home ‘abruptly’. Ms. Guyton went to check on Josiah, and he was face-down in his crib unreponsive and not breathing around 8:30pm. It was discovered at this time by Ms. Guyton that Josiah had bruising to his forehead and an abrasion to his nose,” the caseworker continued.

Ms. Guyton is currently three months pregnant by Abron and also had a two-year-old in the home. The two-year-old, who was the biological child of Abron, was removed from Guyton's custody. It has been reported that Josiah was not the biological child of Abron, 25, who lived in the home with Guyton and her children. Guyton told the CPS worker that she doesn't often leave the children with Abron because he could be "mean".

An autopsy performed on little Josiah showed that he had healing rib fractures that were at least four weeks old. Guyton, at the time of Josiah's death, already had an open case with Child Protective Services. The Cherry Health services say that they were concerned about Josiah's "failure to thrive" and that Guyton's other son had missed several appointments that were necessary to address his sever peanut allergy. She had also failed to obtain an EpiPen for her oldest child in a timely manner. The state had offered several programs to the parents to assist them in taking care of their children.

Jermaine Abron faces charges of open murder and first-degree child abuse. Jada Guyton has not been officially charged with any connection to her son's death.


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