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Alabama Man Fatally Beats Girlfriend's Baby and Refuses to Call for Help.

It seems that almost every single month we've reported on cases where trusting mothers have left their children with their boyfriends and children have been abused. We were outraged when Maleah Davis was killed by her mother's boyfriend and when Cedric Jackson Jr. was murdered by his aunt's boyfriend. We've reported more cases of child abuse than we'd like to admit and yet, this is still a problem!

The most recent case is just as heinous and twisted. Christopher Eugene Knight, 35, of Birmingham, Alabama has been booked into police custody after allegedly beating his girlfriend's one-year-old son. The child's mother, Natasha McGee, 23, says that she left her son, who just turned a year old on February 28, with Knight in the past and he had always been good with him and cared for him. However, that all changed just three days ago.

McGee said that she left her home around 5am to go to work and shortly after 7:30am Knight called her and told her the baby wasn't well. “He called me saying he’s barely breathing,’’ McGee said. “I told him to call 911 but he wouldn’t. He said you need to come home and see about him.”

McGee says that once she got home and took one look at her son she knew something was wrong with him and immediately sought help for him. One-year-old Jayden was taken to Children's Hospital of Alabama and immediately taken into surgery for a fractured skull.

“They said the damage was done before they did surgery. I knew my baby was gone right then and there,’’ she said. “But they kept doing tests and I let them keep trying and I kept praying that he would get better.”

Jayden was placed on life support but later died of his injuries.


"Knight was arrested at an east Birmingham motel. He was booked into the Jefferson County Jail at 3:13 p.m. Tuesday and is being held without bond. The charge on the jail log is aggravated child abuse with a $50,000 bond but authorities said they will now seek a capital murder warrant following Jayden’s death.

He is also being held on no bond for unrelated previous charges. Knight was arrested in September 2017 by Birmingham police on a charge of breaking and entering a vehicle. He eventually pleaded guilty to the crime and, in January 2019, was sentenced to two years of supervised probation, court records show.

A probation review was set for May 2019, but Knight failed to show up for court. A failure to appear warrant was issued for his arrest accompanied by a no-bond order. It wasn’t immediately clear why he was not arrested.

On Jan. 7, 2020, a warrant was issued against Knight for theft of property in connection with an incident that happened in November 2019 at Kentucky Fried Chicken in Center Point. The Jefferson County District Attorney’s Office on that day filed a motion asking that his probation be revoked, citing the failure to appear charge and the new theft warrant."

McGee says that she hasn't spoken to Knight since he was arrested and doesn't know why he brutally beat her son. “I didn’t think he would do something like this because he has children of his own,’’ she said. “I just want justice for my baby.”

We're praying that mothers take more precaution when choosing to leave their children in the care of ANYONE.


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