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Video Footage of Brianna Williams Attempted Suicide as She's Taken into Custody for the Death of

From the very first moment we reported Taylor Rose Williams was missing we KNEW something just wasn't right about the story. Taylor's mother, Brianna Williams, had moved into a new home and her neighbors said they never saw a child at the residence. Taylor's own family hadn't seen her or heard from her in months. Her classmates parents, school teachers and everyone associated with her said that she had vanished LONG BEFORE her mother reported her missing.

Then we got the word that human remains of a child had been found and our worst fears were realized. Little Taylor was indeed dead. The person who most likely held the blame was Taylor's own mother.

Shortly after Taylor's body was found, alongside a road close to their hometown, Brianna Williams, who had returned to work on an Army base, was taken in for questioning. While she was being questioned, Williams, who was inside an unidentified serviceman's vehicle, began to vomit, lose consciousness and have a seizure. It was apparent that Williams had taken something to prevent her from being taken in alive.

Video from the day Williams was taken into custody has finally been released and we can see for ourselves what kind of shape she was in when she was picked up for questioning.

We will warn you, some may find the footage of that day to be unsettling.

Here is the same incident from a different camera showing Williams face.

As of this moment, Williams is only being charged with child abuse and tampering with evidence, presumably until the full coroner's report divulges the details on exactly how little Taylor died.

Williams reported Taylor missing on November 6, 2019 but no one had seen the child in months. According to recently-released court documents, Williams is accused of maliciously torturing, punishing, or caging Taylor between the last time the little girl was seen alive seen in April and November 6, when Williams reported the child missing.

Williams moved to a new residence, and hired movers from Craigslist, and those movers say that they never saw a child during the entire day they helped her move.

Authorities searched Williams’ previous apartment and found bloodstains, fecal matter, smells of decay, and cans of soup with small openings inside the apartment. Cadaver dogs who searched Williams’ Honda Accord picked up on scents of decomposition in both the trunk and the driver’s compartment.

Sex toys, fecal matter, dead maggots, and soiled children’s clothing were also found inside the car, according to court documents.

GPA tracking determined that Williams went to Alabama on October 31, then again on November 1 and 2. Taylor’s remains were found in the area where authorities had tracked Williams’ GPS. In the same area, investigators found a rope, blue gloves, wire, papers, a knife, and cardboard.

All in all, there are reportedly, THOUSANDS of pieces of evidence that the prosecution HAS NOT made available at this time to the public.

This looks like an open and shut case.


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