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Dismembered and Burning Body Found in Cleveland.

Yesterday morning Cleveland, Ohio firefighters were called to a secluded field to put out what they thought was a random fire. That, however, was not the case. Firefighters arrived around 4am to the lightly wooded area off Larchmont and Clermont Roads, south of St. Clair Avenue, where a small brick path in between homes leads to the tracks. Once they began attempting to put out the fire they realized the scene was actually that of a homicide.

Whoever placed the body had covered it with dried shrubs and lit the shrubs ablaze.

The body hasn't been identified as either male or female due to the fire but, according to insiders, the body was also dismembered. Whoever killed this person didn't want them to be readily identified because they allegedly removed the person's head, hands and feet before setting the body on fire.

According to

"Cleveland police homicide Lt. Ali Pillow told reporters at the scene that police in the past have recovered several burned-out cars in the same area. Remnants of a torched car sat about 20 feet away from the body.

Police also searched the area for a stolen phone after the victim of an armed robbery from earlier in the night reported his Find My iPhone app put his phone near the site where firefighters discovered the body. Police never recovered the phone."

The Cleveland Police Department is still investigating this crime and there is no word on possible suspects.

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