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Youth Services Worker Charged with Human Trafficking!

Ain't this some bullsh*t!

Candace Talley of Sicklerville, New Jersey is being charged with human trafficking and promoting prostitution after authorities say she used her job to influence her victim!

Talley, 27, of New Jersey allegedly used her job as a Children and Youth Services employee in Delaware County to pressure a woman into prostitution in order to find favor in a child custody case. She's also been accused of exploiting another woman whose children were in foster care. Talley was managing both of their cases.

According to ABC6:

"District Attorney Jack Stollsteimer said, "It is truly horrible, and beyond imagination, that someone who is responsible for ensuring the welfare of children would pressure their mother into acts of prostitution for her own personal enrichment, and with the promise of a favorable custody recommendation, as this defendant is charged with doing."

The District Attorney's Criminal Investigation Division took Talley into custody Thursday morning."

Talley allegedly received a "finders fee" for bringing in new prostitutes and even went as far as to drive them to and from their "jobs".

This is the trashiest way to use your job and influence! Taking advantage of ANYONE, but especially, these mothers who would literally do ANYTHING to get their children back is sick.

Talley's bail was set at $25,000, unsecured, and she will be monitored at home upon her release.


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