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Nasty Alabama Couple Charged with Sodomy and Bestiality in Case Involving Abuse of Mentally-Ill Man!

Thank God for the good citizens of the Internet who reported these two monsters to the cops!

On Tuesday January 15th the authorities in Marshall County, Alabama became flooded with calls and messages regarding a disturbing video folks were receiving through Facebook Messenger and text messages. The callers all said they received a video of a gruesome sexual assault of a man that involved "domesticated animals". The video not only showed the victim but two people who were accused of carrying out the heinous acts.

"After obtaining search warrants, on Wednesday, Jan. 16, the sheriff’s office arrested Van Christopher Havis, 53 of Guntersville, and Holly Renae Debord, 36 of Albertville, at a residence Rayburn Ave. in Guntersville.

Havis is charged with 1st Degree Sodomy and one count of Bestiality, with a bond totaling $250,000. Authorities say he violated parole and has been denied bond for that.

Debord is charged with 1st Degree Sodomy and one count of Bestiality; her bond totals $250,000.

The sheriff’s office says the victim is in his 30s and has mental disabilities."

Sodomy in the first degree is a Class A felony, which is punishable by 10 years to life in prison depending on prior convictions and criminal history.

Marshall County District Attorney Everette Johnson described the case as " one of the most disturbing and offensive, the facts of this case as I’ve been involved in criminal law for a long time," and it most certainly is.

For them to do this to ANYONE, especially someone with a mental disability, is absolutely disgusting. The authorities in Alabama are thanking the public for coming forward and reporting this crime and they are urging everyone to report crimes of this nature.

Abuse can be stopped but it has to be stopped by those of us who witness, or suspect, it. If you ever receive something like this, we'd hope that you are instrumental in bringing justice to the victim.

These two can rot in hell.


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