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Bobbi Kristina's Ex-Fiancee, Nick Gordon, Dies from Alleged Overdose on New Year's Day!

According to early reports, Nick Gordon, the one time fiancee, yet "god brother" of the late Bobbi Kristina Brown, has passed away due to a suspected drug overdose.

Gordon,30, had been rushed to the hospital reportedly having had a series of heart attacks after he was rushed into intensive care in Florida amid New Year’s celebrations.

His death was confirmed by Gordon's younger brother via social media.

If you all remember, at the time of her death in 2015, it was rumored that Gordon and Brown had been going through a rough patch when she was found near death, in her bathtub. Word on the street, meaning Brown's father Bobby Brown, was that Bobbi Kristina had been a victim of domestic violence. Something that seemed to be proven true once the public found out about Gordon and Brown's past blow ups and the fact that she ALLEGEDLY had her teeth knocked out.

Bobbi Kristina, who spent six months in a coma before she passed, reportedly had a slew of drugs in her system when she was found.

Brown's estate accused him, however, of causing her wrongful death by giving her a 'toxic mixture' and also stealing from her bank account while she was comatose.

When neither Gordon, nor his lawyer, showed up at hearings in 2016 a Fulton County Superior Court judge ruled against him by default and ordered him to pay $36 million in damages.

In the years since his daughter's passing, Bobby Brown has opened the Bobbi Kristina Serenity House for domestic violence victims and he continues to be an advocate for this cause.

We're sorry that Nick couldn't break his habit and that it ultimately cost him his life. Our prayers are with his family.

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