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School Resource Officer Suspended After Being Caught on Camera Body Slamming Young Boy!

A North Carolina school resource officer has been suspended after violently assaulting a young student.

The resource officer, who is a Vance County Sheriff, was sought out after the incident came to the attention of the North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation. The incident was reported to them by Vance County Sheriff Curtis Brame.

"I was stunned and shocked because I have eight grandchildren, four between the ages of 8 and 13," Sheriff Curtis Brame said Friday. "To see a child that small reminded me of one of my grandchildren."


The video shows a student wearing a red top and the school resource officer in uniform walking toward the camera side by side. The officer stops, reaches out, lifts the student against the wall, flips the child head-down and slams the child to the floor. The officer then bends over, drags the student to a standing position and lets him drop a second time. As the video ends, the officer drags the student toward the camera. The officer appears to be dragging the student by the shirt.

Emma Williams is a grandmother of a Vance Middle sixth grader. She couldn't believe what she was seeing on the video.

"Regardless of how a kid acts, what a kid says, that person, that's a grown man, and the job you have, you gotta have standards," she said. "It's disturbing."

The school reported the incident on last Thursday and the Sheriff Department was brought in to investigate. The Sheriff's then turned it over to higher authorities. The school also released a statement, saying in part, that they are "deeply concerned by the actions" of the unidentified resource officer.

Ms. Williams, the child's grandmother, is concerned because she learned about the incident, not from the school, but on social media!

Mike Waters, the district attorney for Vance County, says that he applauds Brame for reporting this so swiftly and that he's been able to reassure the boy's family that the appropriate action will be taken.

While the resource officer is on administrative leave, there is no word yet if the child's family plans to sue him. Which, in our opinion, they should.

The little boy, who is reported to be under the age of 12, suffered a large bump to his head but did not require additional medical attention.

Folks, if you can't hold your temper, stay out of jobs and careers that are going to test your patience.


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