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Alabama Woman Charged with Murder in 5-Year-Old's Shooting Death.

Rikkia Allen, 29, has been formally charged with murder after the shooting death of 5-year-old Ta’Narius "TJ" Moore Jr.

We reported over the weekend that TJ had been shot and killed after being caught in the crossfire when two women began shooting at each other.

We also reported that the two women were family members and that we did not know if either woman was related to TJ, or if his mother was involved.

The reports are still mum on his mother but, she was involved!

"Birmingham police did not release Allen’s relationship to TJ. Chief Patrick Smith said earlier Tuesday that TJ’s mother was involved in the altercation.

“All indications indicate that is the case. The child’s mother was involved in this incident herself,'' Smith said. “We’re going to work with DA’s office to make sure the appropriate charges are filed where necessary, and if it leads back to the mother, that’s where it will go.”

Charges have only been announced against Allen. The deadly shooting happened on the same day Allen’s own son turned 4.

Birmingham police spokesman Sgt. Johnny Williams said the charge is capital because TJ was in a car at the time he was shot. He said they are not expecting anyone else to be charged at this time.

Allen was booked into the Jefferson County Jail late Tuesday night. She is being held without bond.

Court records show she pleaded guilty earlier this year to a misdemeanor charge of carrying a pistol without a license. She received a 12-month suspended sentence in that case.

In 2018, Allen was charged with attempted murder for intentionally striking a man with her vehicle. That charge was forwarded to a grand jury for an indictment consideration. It wasn’t immediately clear if the case has already been presented to a grand jury. A couple of previous domestic vilence charges against were dismissed."

It's pretty clear that this woman DID NOT need access to weapons.

TJ's paternal grandmother spoke out saying that she loved her grandson who was all she had left of his father who had been shot to death just two years prior. TJ was 3 when his father was shot to death in what police said was the result of a long-standing feud between the victim and the shooter. “I just lost my son to the streets. I feel so empty and hurt,’’ Sherie Moore.

Our prayers are with this family and Allen's children who now have to grow up without their mother.


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