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Mother Admits to Slamming Her Infant to the Floor Face First Because Reminded Her of Her Ex!

An Illinois mother has confessed to a horrible attack on her own infant. Nina Singleton, 31, is in jail today after nearly beating the life out of her 2-month-old daughter. Singleton admitted to prosecutors that she held the baby by her legs and slammed her into the kitchen floor at least six times causing the child to have more than 10 facial fractures, fractures to her shoulders and legs and a brain bleed.

The Chicago Sun Times reports that prosecutors said the girl’s father broke up with Singleton in October, but regularly saw his daughter, including accompanying her and Singleton to the hospital on Nov. 18 for the girl’s vaccinations.

After the hospital trip, the three went out for dinner; afterward, he dropped them off at the apartment, in the 1000 block of West Bryn Mawr Avenue, according to prosecutors and police.

After that day the father says that Singleton started making excuses and not allowing him to see his daughter. She was either sleeping or not at home when he would try to see her.

Last week, just two days before Thanksgiving, the child's father showed up at Singleton's apartment and demanded to see his daughter. When he entered the apartment the infant was in her bassinet motionless. When he could not rouse her he called an ambulance, against Singleton's wishes.

The child was taken to Lurie Children’s Hospital in critical condition, then transferred to Northwestern Memorial Hospital, where doctors documented the extent of the child’s injuries, determining that she had suffered severe trauma, primarily to her head, prosecutors said.

Singleton admitted to slamming the child into the kitchen floor and to also hitting the newborn many times since she was born simply because "every time she looked at the girl, she imagined seeing her ex".

Doctors at the hospital say that the child's injuries are not consistent with the mother's stories and something more heinous occurred. They also say the infant has been abused likely since the day she was born.

At this moment the child is on life support and is not expected to live. Prosecutors are poised to upgrade Singleton's charges from aggravated battery to murder. She has been held in a mental facility with a pending psychiatric evaluation and will be held without bond when she is released.

We don't even know what to say. . .


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