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Something Isn't Right Here. Missing 5-Year-Old's Neighbors Say They "Never Saw a Child&

Taylor Rose Williams has been missing from her Jacksonville, Florida home for days however, her neighbors claim different.

They say they NEVER saw a child living at the Ivy Street home. Taylor's mother, Brianna Williams, formerly of Alabama moved to an apartment on Ivy Street in Jacksonville and the couple who helped her move claim they "never saw a child" and "never heard a child" while assisting her mother. They admit that they believed the child to be with a friend or at daycare adding that the home was “not well lived-in if there was a child there.”

Taylor was enrolled at a daycare center on the military base, her mother is enlisted, and a parent of a classmate says that she hasn't seen Taylor since June.

To further add to the long list of people who say they haven't seen Taylor, her paternal grandfather said that neither he, nor her father, has seen little Taylor in about two years. Since the time her mother relocated from Alabama to Florida.

Taylor was reported missing on the morning of November 6th after her mother says that she checked Taylor's room and the child wasn't there. She searched the home for her and couldn't find her adding that their back door was unlocked.

After initially cooperating with the investigation, Williams has gone silent.

"We were talking to her about some inconsistencies in her statement and that's why she chose to stop cooperating with us," Sheriff Mike Williams said at a news conference Thursday. "Brianna Williams (mother) was the last person to see Taylor and we need for her to cooperate with us in this investigation... there's not one scenario or theory that we're not exploring and every possibility is being looked at."

A colleague of Williams' says that she returned to the military base for work, fully dressed in uniform, yesterday but seemed really "sad and forlorn" like she had "cried her last tear".

All of this seems pretty sketch especially since there are reports that police cadaver dogs have picked up the scent of decomposition in Williams' trunk.

At this point, we would still like to believe that this mother is not the culprit in her daughter's disappearance. We're praying for both families involved and that Taylor returns home safely.

Police say that Taylor is 3-feet-tall, weighs 50 pounds and has brown eyes and brown hair.

If you have any information you can contact JSO by phone at 904-630-0500 or Crime Stoppers at 866-845-TIPS.


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