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Security Guard Caught Having Sex with Woman's Corpse Gets NO JAIL TIME!

If this case doesn't make you angry, NOTHING WILL. Last August we reported a story about Cameron Wright who was CAUGHT having sex with a woman's corpse.

37-year-old April Parham died suddenly of a heart attack and as he body was waiting to be prepared for organ donation, Wright desecrated it.

Wright was caught by two employees and arrested but later released on a mere $3,000 bail. A bail so low Parham's family could barely believe it. He was charged with abuse of a corpse, a class E felony in Tennessee. Now, to add insult to injury, Wright may not even see any jail time for his offense!

New developments report that "on Tuesday, a judge granted his lawyer's motion for a diversion which, in effect, puts the case to one side.

He has not been convicted and so long as he stays out of trouble with the law until 2022, he can then apply to have his record wiped clean."

This is absolutely disgusting!

Parham's family hasn't responded publicly to the new developments in the case but they have long expressed their fears that their loved one may not have been Wright's only victim.

Parham's father, James Parham, previously stated that the knowledge of what happened to his daughter's body was "devastating" and that "it hurts" and his statements were echoed by the hospital.

Knowing that justice hasn't truly been served in this case makes one wonder about our judicial system ESPECIALLY when the accused is CAUGHT in the act.

Our prayers are definitely with the Parham family.


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