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Florida Man Arrested for Breaking into His Wife's Lover's House and Cutting Off His Penis!

Alex Bonilla, 49, of Bell, Florida was arrested Sunday after police report he broke into the house of a man that was sleeping with his wife and cutting off his penis!

The Gilchrist County Sheriff's Office report that the victim says that Bonilla, his neighbor, "broke into his home with a gun and threatened to kill him. Two children were inside the home when Bonilla showed up, according to the report."

"The victim said Bonilla tied him up and used a pair of scissors to cut off his penis. According to the arrest report, after Bonilla cut off the victim's penis, he left the home with the penis."

The feud stems from an incident that happened a few weeks ago when Bonilla claims to have walked in on the neighbor having sex with his wife. The authorities haven't said that the infidelity is what caused Bonilla to attack his neighbor but, word on the street is, he had had enough of their cheating ways.

Bonilla is now facing several felony charges including cruelty toward a child, aggravated assault, armed battery and false imprisonment.

"A judge set Bonilla's bond at $1.25 million. The victim was transported to a local hospital and is expected to be okay. He is recovering from his injuries."

Listen here, if you feel like you need to cheat, it's better to just leave. Not everyone's spouse or significant other is going to let something like this slide.

Oh yeah, there's no word on what Bonilla did with the man's penis or if it was returned and reattached.


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